With the feature Project, we provide to every single end user a simple way to reflects which application they are trying to build. It used to bind add-ons to take advantage of automatic updates, along with easy installation and team collaboration.

Project works by connecting the end user to is account. It consist of a secure two-way communication between Harmony Platform and the installed application, giving to the end user an all-in-one interface to view and manage his own installed application directly from the Harmony Platform website.

Simplified app management

With a all-in-one interface for the Project feature, we provide to the end user a simplified way to manage (deploy, update, translate, ...) each created project in an unique location in the Harmony Platform website.

This feature has been developed to simplify the way to install a project to your server by providing an unique ProjectID used by our HarmonyFlex tool to communicate between your application and the Harmony Platform using our OAuth2 API.

Binded add-ons

When you've created at least one project in your account, you will be able to bind all add-ons (extensions, packages, themes, translations) available in the marketplace. The binded feature is very smart and will check the compatibility between the add-on you're trying to bind and the ones already binded in your project. It will also show you all dependencies who need to be installed for each add-on.

By binding this add-ons to your project, your are building your application. When you finish, you are ready to deploy/update your application to your server by using our HarmonyFlex tool.

Settings manager

With Project, you also can store settings into a manager. The settings manager can store information such as the database connection parameters. By specifying this kind of settings, Project will use a predefined Stack and will tell to HarmonyFlex to install some dependencies needed to be able to connect to your database server. In this case, HarmonyFlex will also configure your .env file with the database connection parameters.

Always up-to-date

The feature Project constantly know which version of which add-ons are installed by communicating between Harmony Platform and your application by using our secured API.

By doing that we can inform you when a new version of an add-on, compatible with your application and dependencies is available on our Marketplace. You will be able to update this add-on manually using Composer or directly from the Project interface.

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